7 Steps to Work Less and Make More Money

1 – Freedom
With a dedicated team of professionals dedicated to the accuracy and timeliness of your financial data, you and your management team are free to concentrate on business activities that directly drive profit to your bottom line.

2 – Reduce Overhead Costs
A dependable accounting team frees up office space, resources, and expenses that can either be eliminated or re-invested in the business activities that generate revenue.

3 – Fixed Monthly Fee
Accounting Guide & Taxes, Inc. conducts an in-depth analysis of your existing company financials, your business needs, and desired areas of improvement. We then develop the strategy needed to provide your business with complete accounting, education, consulting services, and offer these services to your business at a fixed monthly fee.

4 – Eliminate Hiring Headaches
Finding skilled, experienced professionals to handle your daily accounting and bookkeeping is a major headache and time-consuming process. Accounting Guide & Taxes takes over the responsibility of staffing your accounting department. There is no further need to worry about required and desired training for your accounting staff on accounting principles, best business practices and government compliance requirements. AGT is a family operated team with core values that match our clients needs and desires. Put simply, our people are the best in the industry. Doesn’t your business deserve the best?

5 – Security
Your accounting data is stored on servers in a certified data center with 24x7x365 on-site management, restricted access and continuously monitored surveillance. Your records are secure, backed up, and always available when you need them. Your accounting data and documents can only be accessed by your AGT team and company personnel that you select.

6 – Tax & Audit Ready Financial Data
At AGT, your accounting is done properly every day. Each month, your accounting data is reviewed by our principle accountant, financial reports are presented and explained, and your books are closed for the period. At year end, your records are up-to-date and ready for use in preparation of income tax returns and compiled, reviewed, or audited financial statements. We work with your management team throughout the year to ensure that financial data is presented correctly for your reporting needs. Not to mention in having an accounting department outside your work environment ensures greater privacy for your business information.  This minimizes the potential for information about your business status and finances to become the topic of conversation at the water cooler or local bar.

7 – Live Information to Manage Your Business
Accounting Guide & Taxes, Inc develops customized reports to provide the financial information you need to manage and grow your business. We work with you to determine the frequency at which information is needed, and deliver that information to you on time, every time. In addition, we give you 24/7 access to live financial dashboards based on these reports that are updated automatically as new activity is posted in your accounting file.



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