Opening a Corporation

Do I really need to open a Corporation???

Which type of corporation do I need for my business?
What is a DBA, S-corp, C-corp, LLC, etc…???

If you are asking yourself any of these questions then you are like most of us entrepreneurs out there. Take a look at Bill’s story:

Bill’s years of hard work had finally paid off. Bill’s company, a sole proprietorship computer business was earning solid profits and had built a large client base. Bill thought he had it made, until a part-time employee had “an accident” that wiped out a customer’s computer system.

In a matter of months, Bill’s dream business came tumbling down. Slapped with a lawsuit, the sole proprietor lost all his assets, savings, house, and marriage. If Bill had his company incorporated, his business and personal life would have been separated and had an additional layer of protection.

According to, only 22% of all the small businesses in America are a limited liability corporation, S corporation, or C corporation. Over 72% of businesses are solely operated and exposed to liability risk. –

When you select the structure under which you will operate your business, you are making one of your most important business decisions.

The type of business organization you choose will depend on many factors, including the nature of the business operation, legal restrictions, capital needs, tax advantages, number of owners, and whether you need to protect personal assets from business debt.

But don’t worry we will help you pick the right one.
Just tell us your story and we will give you the best choice that fits your great business idea

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