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Should I fire my old Accountant? Should I outsource my accounting? What should I do with my bookkeeper expense every single month?……


Dear Frustrated Business Owner,

Have you ever tried to go outside your door blindfolded? No? Why not?….

  • “I have no idea where I would be going”
  • “I don’t know where I am standing”
  • “I wouldn’t know what to do”

If you said any of these answers, then you have already shown a smart business sense. If you are reading this letter right now, then a few things are probably true about you:

  1. You want to have a clear blueprint of your business finances: past, present, and future working with our Profit Magnet Strategy.
  2. You want to save yourself time to be able to focus on the aspects of your business you enjoy and are good at. Also, still having enough time for your family …(your family can thank us later)
  3. You want to save Money, and “time is money”.…so no more spending 10-20 hours a month doing accounting for your business or stop paying that big monthly expense for bookkeeping services in Miami…hiring a bookkeeper full time can be very expensive, plus don’t forget the cost of employee benefits!
  4. Bonus: You want to have up to date profit building strategy sessions with your Accountant to mastermind ideas on the kind of accounting Miami businesses need to be successful such as:
  • Expanding on products and/or services
  • Which ones to eliminate and when
  • Whether your marketing attempts are successfully earning return on investment
  • What areas are you losing money
  • Where to cut back in order to save and redirect funds in order to become more profitable.

And if I’m RIGHT about these, then our “Profit Magnet Strategy Sessions” is going to take you to the next level…

Here is why we have been so successful for the last 25 years: It is not just the experience of all these years, but the actual care we have for you to have a profit rich business. The Profit Magnet Strategy is a beneficial system of accounting Miami businesses can rely on to make them more profitable, way past the cruel 5-year death sentence most businesses have when they start.

If you stay in business, make money, and your family has a great life…..then we stay in business, make money, and our family has a great life.  That is why at Accounting Guide & Taxes we are a family operated firm that believes in these same values for our clients.

“Do I need the Profit Magnet Strategy System?”

 10 question test: Can you answer these questions about your business?

  1. What were my total sales last month? And were they organized by category?
  2. What was my total gross profit last month? And was it organized by sales category?
  3. Who can I consult with on adding an expense to my business that has an unbiased perspective and enough experience to trust?
  4. What were my expenses by category last month?
  5. Who does my payroll and do I have direct deposit?
  6. Who owes me money and by how much?
  7. To whom do I owe money and how much?
  8. How much cash do I have, and how much debt?
  9. Am I acquiring assets or liabilities?
  10. What is my Return on Investment on my marketing and Lifetime Client Value?

If you do not have a crystal clear answer for each of these questions then you need to meet with us right NOW!

Your business along with your family’s financial future is at stake…

The average small business owner spends over 10 hours personally, each month, accounting for business. If your average worth is $50 per hour, you may be spending more than five hundred dollars’ worth of your time! Chances are you easily can pay for a good accountant and then some with all that money.

What if you had an Accountant working as your Profit Manager in your “board room” (code word for your office) every single week answering these questions for you?  Do you think your business would be growing or dying? 

How good will you feel on that vacation cruise with your family knowing your Profit Manager is making sure financially everything is running smooth while you’re gone.   While your old bookkeeper is now an account executive looking for new business and you fired your old accountant that only showed up once a year to tell you how much you owe Uncle Sam.  This is your reality today and everyday from now on….




As usual, if you have any questions about our accounting or bookkeeping services in Miami, send us an email.

Your Trusted Guide,

Fernando Jimeno




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